Within all the FCAT schools, reading is a massive priority. To celebrate World Book Day 2023, the theme across all the FCAT primary schools was ‘Fairytales’. Throughout the day, the children and staff could choose to come dressed up as one of their favourite fairytale characters! There were some amazing and creative costumes and accessories including Gingerbread People, Pinocchios, The Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolves and not to mention a number of little Red Riding Hoods!

All our schools aim to foster a love of reading and the joy of books to all children every day but especially on World Book Day! This is a special day that we dedicate every year to celebrate all things reading throughout the whole schools.

Across all the FCAT primaries, staff organised lots of fun reading based activities based on ‘Fairytales’.  Westminster’s ‘Reading for Pleasure’ staff team planned a number of activities for all ages to enjoy throughout the day. There was a fun ‘Cluedo’ mystery game where children had to rescue ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ from her captor by solving the reading related clues throughout the day. The older year groups went to read with the younger ones for ‘Buddy Reading’ which is something most classes have not done since before Covid. Throughout the day, there was time given to read classic fairytales, or fairytales with a twist and for children to design their own bookmarks. Children even had opportunity to create their own school ‘fairytale’ with each class writing a ‘shared’ chapter! Some children also wanted to come back after school at 5:00pm for more reading for pleasure activities at Westminster’s first ‘Book at Bedtime’ event. Here, the children got snuggly, listened to different staff read fairytales and had hot chocolate and biscuits. The children loved it! One child said it was “The best day ever!” 

Debbie Elliott - EYFS/KS1 Assistant Head Teacher, English Lead and Primary English QIG lead