Taught by a specialist music teacher, high quality music lessons are given to all pupils. Lessons are planned and delivered following the National Curriculum at key stage 1 and key stage 2, and Expressive Art and Design  in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Class lessons include playing percussion instruments, keyboards and singing.


Pupils are taught to read music, to play as a soloist and in ensembles. Focus is centred on creating opportunities for all pupils to ‘enjoy and achieve’. The interactive music website ‘Charanga’ is used in most music lessons and ‘Charanga Music World’ is available for all our key stage 2 pupils to access without charge at home.  In addition to these lessons, clubs are held pre-school every morning and include drum, keyboard tuition and choir. Orchestral instruments and instrumental tuition are  offered free of charge and children are encouraged to accelerate progress by performing in the community orchestra held at the school, in playing with a Blackpool Music Service Band and through working towards BMS medals and ABRSM exam qualifications.





Throughout the year, pupils perform on stage in several Blackpool Music Services events at locations such as the Winter Gardens and the Grand Theatre, Blackpool.   


In the Summer Term 2020, on of our Y6 boys, Michael, represented our school in the BMS Musician of the Year competition. Although Michael did not get placed, his performance was very good and at a  very capable standard for his age.

To view our Y1-6 curriculum overview for Music please click here