Our Team


Mrs Elliott - Assistant Headteacher (KS1 and EYFS Phase Leader)

Miss Dugdale - EYFS Deputy Phase Leader

Mrs Riches - RP Classroom Teacher

Mrs Jackson - RW Classroom Teacher

Mrs Herkowi - Air Classroom Teacher

Miss Baldwin - HLTA

Mrs Vicki Smith - Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tahlia Howard - Level 3 Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Saira Ahmed - Level 3 Teaching Assistant


Support staff: Mrs Jemma Gorst, Miss Lani Heywood, Miss Madison Scwab





At Westminster we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive, nurturing and exciting Early Years department that allows all children to make progress.

We care about your child's views and will always try and ensure we provide a stimulating environment that they enjoy learning in. 

Each half term is based around a topic but we also take into account children's interests therefore mini topics will flow alongside the main topic.


Every half term, you can check this page for information about your child's topic and pictures of their learning and experiences.

For our Welcome to Reception pack, with general information, please click this link.

For more information about our EYFS department, please click this link.





For our children who may need extra support to access the year 1 curriculum, we have our AIR room. This is run by Mrs Herkowyi and two support assistants.  We aim to facilitate their learning through sensory experiences and imaginative play, creating a bespoke curriculum for each child. Children in AIR also benefit from being in a smaller class, with the goal to integrate into the class and follow the national curriculum.



Curriculum overview