Curriculum Statement


We have great expectations of our all of our children and their potential and have designed the curriculum around rich experiences with knowledge and skills to ensure they are ready to access the next stages in their learning. 



Due to the context of the community in which the school operates, the curriculum has to be dynamic and responsive enough to bridge gaps in learning for all children across the curriculum. Reading is key to accessing the curriculum in all subjects and all teachers are firstly, teachers of reading. 

Teachers and leaders continually evaluate the content of our curriculum to ensure the appropriateness for all learners. Underpinning the implementation is our work on metacognition and how children learn how to learn and how the brain works to facilitate this. Subject leaders work closely with teachers to ensure consistency and progression of all subjects across school. Key pieces of knowledge for each subject are embedded with opportunities to revisit, meaning learning becomes 'sticky'.   

At Westminster we believe that learning goes beyond the classroom and allows children to experience a variety of rich cultural capital opportunities.

Key to the success is the consistency of expectations of behaviour and attitude. That everyone will be Ready, Respectful and Responsible. 



From some very challenging beginnings, the great expectations we have ensures that all children progress rapidly in all year groups, with the final, Key Stage 2 progress being well above average. The impact of our curriculum cannot only be seen in test results, but also in the maturity and confidence our children have to overcome their barriers and are ready for their future, as  respectful and responsible members of the community.