Lead:  Cath Howson

Personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) is a carefully planned programme of learning opportunities and experiences that supports all our work at Westminster to promote positive behaviour, mental health, wellbeing, resilience and achievement.

PSHE at Westminster provides our children with knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive, capable and responsible lives. It also gives our children the skills to reflect on and analyse their own values and equips them to face difficult and sometimes conflicting attitudes they may face in the future.


At Westminster -

  • Provision is inclusive of all pupils and consistent with the equalities duties

  • Progression is  made from Early Years, through Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 up to and including Year  6.

  • All year groups now use the myHappymind scheme for PSHE.

  • Assemblies are held in each Phase to introduce the topics each half term.

  • It also includes learning about British values and Citizenship.   



This year we have launched a new scheme for PSHE called myHappymind. The myHappymind curriculum is grounded in scientific research and helps children to:

  • Feel happier

  • Know what to do when they feel worried or stressed. 

  • Improve their focus and learn more

  • Achieve more of the goals that they set for themselves 

  • Develop better relationships with friends and families

  • Feel great about who they are and have positive self esteem

myHappymind isn’t just a topic or subject like Maths. It is a life skill that we can all learn to help us to be our very best selves. We will be having lessons each week, but we will be using the habits we learn all of the time. Even the teachers are doing myHappymind! The children will also be learning how to use happy breathing as a relaxation and calming strategy. 

Half termly themes: 

  • Meet the brain             

  • Celebrate

  • Appreciate                  

  • Relate 

  • Engage

  • Relationships 




Working with outside agencies such as Blackpool Football Club Community Trust Fit2Go programme, Healthy Head's and The Yogi Group brings a different platform into our PSHE curriculum.



The curriculum has also been updated to follow the new guidelines from the Department for Education regarding the teaching of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) appropriately across school.




Our PSHE policy is currently under review and will be uploaded as soon as it has been ratified. In the meantime if you have any queries please contact our admin email or speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

PSHE progression plan