Headteacher’s welcome 


Welcome to Westminster Primary Academy. We are very proud of our children and our school!


It is important to us that every child feels a sense of belonging. We are proud of our inclusive ethos and strive to tailor our curriculum so that all children are provided with opportunities to be their best.


Our fantastic team is dedicated to ensuring that our children receive the best possible education and helping everyone reach their full potential by providing a range of fun, meaningful experiences to develop the children in all aspects of their lives. 

Westminster is a caring and welcoming place where we aim to establish and maintain high standards of learning and behaviour to prepare the children for the future. 

We have wonderful, well-behaved children who work hard and show kindness and consideration to one another. 


Westminster Primary Academy  is well-loved and highly regarded within our local community. It has a rich and proud history, but its aims and efforts are fixed firmly on the future; specifically, the future of the children we educate and care for. To this end, we work in close partnership with parents, families and the Claremont community to give our pupils the very best start in life.


It is a wonderful place to come to school. 


Our website will provide you with the information about our school, its aims, curriculum and activities, as well as the way in which it is organised and the people who will work with your child. I hope it will give you an insight into our approach  to teaching and learning. 


Of course the website can only give you a flavour of our school life and I trust that if you want to see the school in action you will be made to feel welcome, and that our doors are always open to you and your family. We firmly believe that the time in primary school should be a relationship between school and home and value this partnership highly.


With your help, we aim that all of our children will be ready for their future, as a respectful and responsible member of the community.


Mrs Beth Latham