Learning outside of the classroom

At Westminster we realise the value of learning experiences outside of the classroom. Wherever possible we like to provide first hand experiences, be that going out to visit historical or religious sites or bringing visitors in to school to share their experiences on bee-keeping or how life was for children in years gone by. These experiences are powerful positives tools used to enhance our curriculum and bring our learning to life, adding depth to any subject, motivating and enthusing our pupils and making memories along the way.



Throughout the year, our pupils perform on stage in several Blackpool Music Services events at locations such as the Winter Gardens and the Grand Theatre, Blackpool.  The experience of performing live on stage in one of the beautiful local theatres is one that our children will remember for a long time to come.

Blackpool Schools Christmas Music Festival 2018 - Empress Ballroom, Winter Gardens


Schools Alive 2019 - Grand Theatre, Blackpool



From football, cricket, athletics and dance to over 50 pupils taking part in Blackpool Youth Games in the summer. Westminster pupils regularly participate in sporting events and competitions across the school year. We believe that sports are great for developing a pupil’s character and moral principles through fair play; this is evident in any sport or activity they take part in at school. The importance of teamwork and working together with peers and teammates is a life skill that will stay with them for all their future endeavours, and their involvement teaches vital lessons about team spirit. 

Schools Alive 2019 - Winter Gardens, Blackpool


Glow in the Dark Football - Blackpool Sports Centre


Our Year 6 children have the opportunity to take part in a residential adventure break at PGL. Here they learn many new skills from den building to kayaking whilst learning how to be more independent and surviving away from home for 3 days! Activities such as archery, climbing and zip wiring push the boundary of bravery, challenge and self belief. Whilst den building, kayaking and raft building help build vital team work skills.




Friendship Friday Feast is held once a month. Children from each class select a child who has been a good friend. They then choose a friend to join them for a 'restaurant' style serving of their school dinner. Here children are giving the full restaurant experience from being greeted by a Maitre D' and  being shown to their seat, to table etiquette and being served their meal. These jobs are undertaken by members of the Senior Leadership Team with support from some of our older children who learn the skills of waiting on at the same time.