Blackpool is traditionally a predominantly white, British, working class town. Over the last few years our school population has shifted from around 95% White British to 70% with 14% of children for who English is not their first language. With this changing statistic in mind it is vital to consider whether our curriculum represents our new demographic and reflects the diversity of other areas of the North West and the rest of the country. 

At Westminster we know that diversity covers many different aspects other than race and culture and plan our curriculum to take other aspects into account: gender, disability, sexual orientation, class, migration and persecution. Our aim is to provide our children with the skills and  information to promote good citizenship in an increasingly complex and diverse society through embedding diversity in any relevant aspects of learning.

We are proud of our differences at Westminster and aim to learn from each others life experiences and cultures.

Below is an example of where diversity fits into our curriculum in 3 subject areas:

Diversity through History, RE and Music