Geography at Westminster

Lead: Vicky Spence

Geography at Westminster Primary Academy develops children’s knowledge and understanding of people and places utilising many cross-curricular links with subjects such as literacy, numeracy and ICT. We use maps, atlases, photos and the internet when learning about the wider world as well as local areas, ensuring a well-balanced and interactive learning experience for all pupils.
In the Foundation Stage, children are able to discuss their own immediate environment and understand how environments may vary from one to another. They will learn about similarities and differences in relation to places, objects and materials.

During Key Stage 1 and 2, pupils explore both physical and human differences in the world around them. Children learn about the skills needed to ask geographical questions about a locality in the UK compared to a locality in a less economically developed country. Children are taught how settlements differ and change and they understand environmental issues linked to these. Children also learn about water and its effect on landscapes such as rivers and coasts. They are taught differences in weather and the effect of climate change.


Flying a drone over our local area from map work.

Geography Progression Map