Languages at Westminster

Lead: Mrs Joanna Hargreaves


At Westminster Primary Academy, we believe that through learning a language, children can learn more about their own language, lifestyle and culture.  At the moment, French is being taught across Key Stage 2.  Through languages, children explore culture in the country as well as traditions and language.  This encourages children to be more aware of others and have a good social and cultural experience in school.  At Westminster, language is taught through creative lessons for at least forty minutes per week.  Children take part in lots of speaking and listening activities to build their vocabulary in french and to excite interest.  Lessons are extremely active and all students in Key Stage two are able to participate through the inclusion of a variety of group work and pair work as well as games and team competitions.


Children are assessed on a termly basis where they are expected to achieve a creative piece of work and a degree of written work. 


We celebrate European Day of Languages in September where children looked at French, Spanish, Italian and German.   Students here at Westminster love learning about other countries, cultures and languages!




Latin will be integrated through the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar sessions for year three. This will enhance their awareness of root word


KS2 Languages Progression Plan