Art at Westminster

Lead: Emma Sharp

Art and Design is an important part of the curriculum as it stimulates the imagination, encourages natural creativity and provides the skills to enable children to become confident and enthusiastic artists and designers. Art education in the Primary curriculum, generates opportunities for children to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially, whilst enabling them to respond to the world around them in a unique way. At Westminster Primary Academy we use the Kapow scheme of work to ensure that our children experience, appreciate, discuss and respond to a wide variety of art, craft and design forms originating from many different time periods and cultures. They use these to influence their own artwork and as a means of acquiring new skills and techniques. This is achieved through designated Art lessons and, wherever appropriate, is linked to the wider curriculum, enhancing topics and bringing them to life. 

Modelling clay in Y1            


During their time in the EYFS, children use Art as an expression of their emotions and as a visual representation of their ideas and feelings. They continue to develop and refine their gross and small motor skills, allowing them to sit comfortably in a good learning posture and enabling them to use a range of mark-making tools, safely and confidently. As these skills develop, the children demonstrate the ability to to show a greater degree of accuracy and care in their drawings, make choices about the materials they use and can discuss the processes they went through to make a finished artwork.


In KS2, Children use individual sketchbooks to record experiences, develop their ideas, practise skills and show progression in their artistic ability


We have developed our curriculum and now link in to Kapow resources to enhance planning and provision



Our Year 6 pupils were the group winners of the Blackpool Young Seasiders Annual Art Competition 2021