Meet the staff

1W: Mrs  Dawe                      1P:  Miss Bullock                                                                                 

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs L Pothecary and Ms L Babka

SEN support: Miss C Carr, Miss A West




Hello and welcome to Year One!

We just wanted to take this opportunity to provide you all with some useful information as to what to expect now that your child attends Year 1! Hopefully we will cover most things, however, if you do ever have any queries, concerns or just need to chat about anything, please don’t hesitate to message us through dojo or arrange an appointment.




The Year 1 curriculum builds and extends on the Foundation Stage Curriculum that your child was so used to in Reception.

In Year 1 we aim to continue to further develop the children’s ability to work on a combination of adult led and independent continuous provision. It is important for the children to continue to explore their learning through play and within Year 1 develop their vocabulary and their own ideas. More focused, formal learning will progress throughout the year as the children begin transitioning to get ready for their moving into Year 2!





As you can see, there is still a big emphasis on learning through “investigation” in Year 1, however there will be a higher level of more focused learning, the children will be encouraged to be that little bit more independent and our expectations of the children will also be higher. We will be reinforcing learning from Early Years before progressing onto Year 1 targets.




Like the Foundation Stage, we have designed the Year 1 curriculum to be very topic based. This will take into account your child’s interests and give them a rich and memorable experience.

Different National Curriculum subjects will be taught through our themes offering an exciting and fluid delivery.







Our homework focus this year is reading and spellings with a half termly creative challenge.  For their homework each week your child will be given a set of spellings to learn, a Gold, Silver or Bronze challenge to complete, they will also be provided with their own Bug Club login to access reading books at home.

Prizes are given out each week to children who complete reading, spelling and homework challenges. 


Your child will receive spellings to learn each week. Every Monday we will post  5 spellings to learn on Class Dojo. They will have the week to learn them, ready for their weekly spelling’s assessment in school on the Friday of the same week.

You can practise by using the ‘look, cover, write’ method with your child and writing the word several times.


Your child will take part in daily guided reading sessions in school, however, your child’s home reading is also extremely important as an aid in their reading development. Your child will have already received a log in for Bug Club.



Bug Club is a finely-levelled reading scheme, which ensures that all children can find books at exactly the right level for them. What’s more, there are online versions for every printed title and a personalised website for each child.




This term, year 1 P.E session will take place twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has removed any jewellery.

In year 1 children must be able to dress and undress themselves, this includes fastening buttons, tying shoelaces (if wearing shoes with laces) and putting on trousers and shirts. If your child finds any of these difficult, an easier uniform choice may be needed on P.E days.




The children will be receiving dojo points in class. They have the chance to earn dojo points when they have completed work challenges in the classroom, demonstrated kindness, empathy and caring towards others, as well as making the right choices. 







For our children who may need extra support to access the year 1 curriculum, we have our AIR room. This is run by Mrs Herkowyi and two support assistants.  We aim to facilitate their learning through sensory experiences and imaginative play, creating a bespoke curriculum for each child. Children in AIR also benefit from being in a smaller class, with the goal to integrate into the class and follow the national curriculum. 

We hope this all makes sense, however, as we have said, if you do have any questions/queries please feel free to pop in to see us!

Thank you,

Miss Bullock and Mrs Dawe


Curriculum Maps:

Please see  English and  Maths pages for the relevant curriculum coverage.

 Year 1 Curriculum Overview