RE at Westminster

Lead: Lis Pennington


At Westminster Primary Academy, we believe in developing children’s understanding and knowledge of RE. We use Discovery RE which is a comprehensive medium term planning document to plan lessons throughout school which show clear progression, set assessment criteria and explore various religions to support teaching. We encourage children to think about moral issues and their own beliefs within RE. We promote engagement with religious festivals, artefacts, visitors and visits to religious communities in order to develop a deeper understanding of religion. We challenge children to try to think from different perspectives so that they may have a better understanding of those around them.  We record our learning in our class floorbooks which allows us the opportunity to showcase our discussions and experiences in class.





In Early years, we focus on events and festivals that may link with our personal experiences. We also explore different religions and cultural communities through stories, activities, visits and visitors. We also engage in whole class or group discussions in order to share our thoughts and ideas about different religious events and artefacts.


Throughout school, we celebrate and teach religious festivals throughout the year. Through Discovery RE, we are able to teach a number of religions showing clear progression across year groups. Classes revisit and have two focus religions throughout the year, through this we are building our depth of knowledge through comparison and links. It also explores links between ourselves and others’ beliefs ensuring children can identify, challenge and discuss their own thoughts and beliefs.



RE Progression Plan