Our Management Infomation System in School is called Bromcom. Please find below user information for parents and students;

For Parents:

  • Details of how to download the Bromcom ‘My Child at School’ App is below.
  • The Bromcom App ‘My Child at School’ has all the details you need regarding your son/daughter’s education – ranging from Academic Reports to Attendance to Behaviour Logs.
  • All online payments (Dinner Money, Trip Payments, Prom(s), Music Lessons etc).

We strongly advise and encourage as many parents/carers as possible sign up for the My Child at School App as this will be a key method of communication.

For Students:

  • There is a dedicated Bromcom Student App that will allow them to see their timetables, homework and so on. Again, details of how to download this App is below.



MyChildAtSchool (MCAS)

You can access the website here at MyChildAtSchool.

In order to login to MCAS portal you will need to have a valid email address registered with the school.

If you do not have a email registered with the school please contact the school office.

Once you have an email address registered with the school, you should have been sent an invitation code. You will need this invitation code for the first time you login.

When you login for the first time you will need to click 'Redeem Invitation Code?' This can be found above the login button.

On this page enter the school ID, your email, and the invitation code. Click redeem code and you will be taken to the next page.

The next page you will be asked to fill out a few details about yourself. Once those have been complete you will receive a confirmation email.

The next time you login all you need to enter is your school ID, username, and password.

For more detailed information please see the documents and links below:

MyChildAtSchool LOGIN HERE

How to add accounts

MyChildAtSchool [MCAS]

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