Home Learning

This page hosts a selection of Home Learning resources, ideas and videos for use when classes/ year groups / school is closed due to the COVID 19 crisis.

Please see link at the bottom of this page for subject ideas, resources and websites

On this page and in its links you should find the information you need to access online learning in the event of classes, year groups or whole school closure.

If you require help with any aspect of this we ask that you email helpdesk@westminster.fcat.org.uk and not staff individual email addresses. 

Learning platforms

Reception, Y1 and 2 class teachers will  communicate  with parents through the Class Dojo website. Parents can sign up to this through the log in details sent out in the post.

Y3-6 class teachers are setting working through Google Classroom. If your child  hasn't accessed  this before please check their school email for a joining code and link. Google classroom can also be found by selecting the 9 dots at the top right of their school google account. Y3-6 teachers will also be using Class Dojo to communicate with parents.


As a family you need to work out what is the best way to organise your day. This could be influenced by the amount of space, access to resources or devices or the age range of children in your house. It is best to set up a routine of what your days will look like with plenty of breaks as working on your own, as a child or teaching parent, is intense!

Try to give your child(ren) a range of ideas/tasks to complete as whilst it's important that keep up their Maths and English, they will get bored and distracted very easily. Playing games as a family, especially if it involves getting up and moving, is just as important as school work.

Art and Design Technology



PE and exercise

Live web cams and virtual tours - zoos, aquariums, museums, galleries

Story, Phonics and Maths Videos by Westminster Teachers