Blackpool's Digital Wave

6 May 2021

As a school the embraces digital technology as a tool to advance learning and knowledge, Westminster Primary is proud to be part of Riding The Digital Wave.

Digital Communities and Digital Citizens We want a better Blackpool for its people and businesses, and we will help deliver that by maximising the opportunity presented by this new and essential digital infrastructure. We want all residents and businesses to have affordable high-speed internet access, so citizens and businesses can participate in the global network of information. We will ensure a digital democracy, where politicians are more accessible to the electorate. All voices should be heard, and communities empowered and connected, working together to solve local issues. Our digital inclusivity will transform communities and create a vibrant and well-resourced Civil Society. We will aim to level up our communities and improve outcomes for citizens through digital literacy and inclusion – no one will be left behind. There will be access to devices, training, and connectivity for every citizen.